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Blue Heron Bridge Boat Dives Summer Schedule 

We are offering rides over to the Blue Heron Bridge via our boat Sandy's Sunday this summer for some hassle free and "walk" free diving! Load up on the boat, and we will take you over to the bridge and anchor up in plenty of time to enjoy high tide diving.   Bring your own dive flag or rent one from us for $10.  We will also offer air tanks at a discounted rate of $5 per tank.    There is a 4 diver/snorkeler minimum requirement, but we doubt with the construction causing such havoc that there won't be much of an issue getting the minimum.   Reserve your spot we are excepting both snorkelers and divers during daylight hours.  Night divers are required to have two light sources and a compass.  

Fri  Aug 11th  5:15pm check in

Sun  Aug 13th  6:45 pm check in

Fri   Aug 25th  2:00 pm check in 

Mon   Aug 28th  5:15 pm check in

Tue  Aug 29th 6:00 pm check in

These times listed above are check-in times.  We will be anchored up approx. 30 minutes prior to peak hight tide, so you should be able to get in right away.  Make sure to be on time the boat will depart as scheduled and if you need an air tank or dive flag please make sure to reserve those in advance.  Rental gear is also available for additional fees.   Please bring cash for your payment for this booking, we are keeping the expenses as low as possible to provide you with a hassle-free way to dive the bridge this summer! 

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