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Sandy's Sunday is our fully loaded and customized dive boat and she will take you out to awesome dive sites here in West Palm Beach!  We carry a maximum of 11 divers plus crew and we enjoy being able to provide our smaller groups personal and friendly attention that you don't always find on larger boats.   We provide a dive guide on all of our dive trips and they are happy to show you our sites.  Our deck hand will assist you in every way possible.  They will assist you with gear, hand out weights, defog your masks and help you on and off the boat.  During surface intervals we provide you with snacks and drinks.  There are several scuba diving charters in our area, but we believe that we offer a very personal, friendly laid back operation that makes you feel like your diving with old friends.  Come and join us for the best scuba diving South Florida has to offer! 

Safety is our priority, and we are very proud of our safety record, however, accidents can happen at any moment, and a diver could have a medical emergency! Our boat is stocked with plenty of oxygen, a large comprehensive first aid kit and we are one of the few boats in our area that is equipped with a AED.  All of our crew are kept current on training, and we run regular rescue scenarios.  Semper Paratus...always ready, the coast guard way!  Capt Sandy stays on top of our safety equipment as well as all of the boat's safety features.

Safe Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving Oxygen

When seconds matter....don't you want to be on a boat that is prepared as much as possible? Any time your at sea you know it takes longer to get assistance then if you were not.  If your buddy has a heart attack, having a AED maybe the only thing that can give him/her a fighting chance!  Why dive on a boat that isn't equipped?  We pray we never need ours, but find comfort in knowing that we've done everything we can to prepare if a incident does accur.  There is peace of mind in that for our crew...and should be for our divers too! 

We are equipped to provide Oxygen to more than one diver at a time, heaven forbid, but if a buddy team gets in trouble...we are ready!

Onboard Safety Equipment

AED w/back up battery and paddles
Oxygen Kit - 2 Btls 3 Regulators
Comprehensive First Aid Kit
Onboard Automatic Fire Fighting System
Fire Extinquishers - 2 10 lbs
VHF-FM Radios - 2 separate systems
UL listed bilge pumps 2 -2000 lph 1 -3700 lph


15 Man Life Float w/auto strobe light
Life Ring w/auto strobe light
20 Adult life jackets
2 Kid's life jackets
Epirb (emergency position indicator beacon)
Search Light
Auto Emergency Fuel shut off 
Emergency Flares - 12 total day/night options


Let's talk about the things you will use on our boat daily!    The boat is stocked with a large ice chest full of cold pepsi produccts and bottled water!  We also have a good variety of snacks onboard for a little munchy on our surface interval breaks! During winter months when it's abit colder above water, we stock our boat with plenty of extra dry towels to help you warm up.  

Our boat is equipped with a nice wide ladder with 4 inch rope wrapped steps, which makes it for a easy entry back onto the boat.  OUr platiform has two tall hand rails you can use to help you work your way up the ladder. Our deck hand will be there to assist you too!  Anyone with back issues are welcome to take their gear off in the water for even easier access back to the boat. 

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Jaw Fish Scuba Certification
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