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We love our kids' program.....considering that Captain Sandy is still just one big kid...they make a great diving buddy team.  Seriously though, Sandy has certified hundreds of kids over the past 18 years, many of which are still in touch with her.  Just ask her...she is happy to talk about her "kids"! One is now a Navy fighter pilot that made a stop in West Palm Beach just to do a dive and make sure his wife got to meet Sandy.  One is a doctor now in the Navy, another is the star pitcher of her college softball team, another is serving in the Army, somewhere in the world every day somebody we taught to dive is diving... point is.... your kids are very important to you....and we will treat them like they are very important to us...because they are.  


Sandy's relaxed and easy-going manner with kids makes them take to her almost immediately.  From the pool session, to dive trips on the boat, to celebratory ice creams!  They are kept safe, they have fun, and they learn that the ocean is a place to respect, explore, love and protect! 


Our local school and scout programs have grown in great numbers, but we also have families coming from all over the world so their kids can train with Sandy.  A privilege she doesn't take lightly!  

Ocean Quest Scuba Sharky

Sharky says "bring the kids along! We start them off at 10 years old, we train them well, make sure they are safe and have lots of fun too!"

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