Are you a scuba diver that is looking for a hunter friendly dive charter in West Palm Beach?  Here at Ocean Quest Scuba we feel it is important to provide the opportunity for every one to enjoy the aspect of diving they favor.  That is why we allow spearfishing and lobster hunting on our boat Sandy's Sunday.  We enjoy going out for the "hunt" and we have specialized lobster trips during mini season and allow lobster hunting on all of our charters during lobster season.  Everyone that hunts on our boat is required to have a valid Florida Saltwater fishing license.  There is also a "lobster stamp" required for taking lobsters.  Each diver is responsible for getting a valid license and making sure they only shoot or take legal sized fish.  You can find a link below that will take you directly to the Florida Wildlife Commission website to find more information and to purchase a license.  

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Captain Sandy and Captain Vicki are both avid big game hunters! We take our hunting serious....girls can hunt!  We spend a good deal of time scouting our sites each year for the annual lobster mini season smack down!  


We will provide you with a game cooler to store your catch while on the boat, ziplock bags and ice for the ride home!  Our boat is outfitted with a custom speargun rack, and there is a nice cleaning station at our dock.


We practice sportsmanship and respect the species we hunt.  We only take what we will eat...we make sure to follow the laws set out by the state of Florida and expect our passengers to do the same.  

We forbit the use or carrying of a "bang stick" also called a  "powerhead".  They are against the law in the state of Florida.  

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