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We offer a full line of Padi Certification courses for ages 10 years old and up!  What we offer is a comprehensive training course that is flexible to fit your schedule.   You will get real world training and your dives will be off our custom dive boat and not just off the beach like some classes in our area.  You'll train with one of our experienced instructors,  have the  amazing marine life on our living reef as your classmates.  When you complete your class with us, you will be comfortable diving and ready to start your adventures.   We have divers with us on a regular basis that learn to dive off our boat years ago! If you take more than one course from us, you receive discounts on all future training.  Students are required to have mask, fins and snorkel, but regulator, bcd, computer and weights are provided.   Snacks and drings will also be provided.  


Already certified?  We offer several  continuing education courses, including many specialties.  Check out the list below and feel free to contact our instructor if you have any questions. 

Discover Scuba Diving: $250

This is our one day non-certification course that allows you to experience a real  "scuba diving" experience!  Join our instructor in the pool to get a chance to get some practice with your gear then you will head out on the boat to do a couple of nice dives on a living reef!  .

Refresher Course: $175-$225

Certified diver but haven't been diving in awhile?  We can offer you a variety of refresher options.  You decide what type of refresher you want or feel you need.  Join our instructor for a pool session and a academic review, or just a onboard gear refresher.  Both options include your own private guide for a two tank dive trip!  Also included needed rental gear and tanks!  Enjoy a stress free day instead of worrying about what you may have forgotten! 

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Open Water Certification: $500

This is the key to your new life adventures!   We  provide you with your study materials, you complete some reading before you arrive.  Then you will work with one of our instructors!  You'll practice your skills in a pool, then with your instructor leading the way, you get to do four open water dives off our boat.  Come and dive on Breakers Reef, home to hundreds of fish species....make friends with a sea turtle!   Students are required to have mask, fins and snorkel for the class. The elear

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Advanced Open Water $450

The advanced program is alot of fun and you get to do several differnet types of dives.  You'll complete a deep dive, something over 70 ft.  Your second dive will be underwater navigation and you'll practice with a compass.  The remaining three dives are your choice from many different options.  Wreck dive, underwater photography, drift and boat are just a few of our more popular choices.  Once you complete your advanced you will be able to dive on any recreational site, and no longer have to worry about being told you "can't" do a perticular dive.  This happens often in the Keys when divers are wanting to dive one of th many wreck sites there.  

Rescue Diver: $450

Once you have completed the advanced course you are ready for rescue!  This course is one of the best courses you can complete.  Not only do you learn how to assist your buddy, but a great deal about self rescue and the steps to prevent a dive accident from  happening in the first place.  Our rescue course is taught by a former United States Coast Guard member, and we take safety very seriously on our boat everyday.  Accidents can happen in a split second....don't you want to be prepared if your dive buddy, a friend, a love one might need you?  You owe it to yourself and your buddy to be well prepared and trained at all times!  This course is also very fun we will run sceneros both on the boat and from the beach.  this course is a two day program and will include dives off the boat and some rescue practice in shallow water off the beach.  

Dive Master $1500

Becoming a dive master is the first step towards professional certification levels.  You will spend a great amount of time on our boat working with real students, supervising real "certified divers" as they join us for some fun diving.  You'll learn the ins and outs of helping on the boat, from line handling, emergency procedures, and the every day dealings of a dive master.  You'll work with open water students in a pool, supervise them on open water dives.  When you are done with our program you will have completed at least 12 dives off the boat, unlike most other dive master programs, we believe on true hands on training, not free labor!  When you finish our dive master program you'll be ready to work as a dive master or move on to instructor.


This program also includes alot of studying and book work and in order to be sucessfull you must be committed to work hard not only in our practical hands on training, but on your academics.  This is extremely important if your wanting to go further to instructor, so you are well prepared for your IDC tests!   


This class comes with your dive master manual, instructor manuel, brief case, dive master slates, and all required paper work. It also includes your tanks, boat trips, and all basic needs to complete the course.  It doesn't however include your Padi dive master application fee and yearly membership fee.   The complete dive master crew packet priced at over $400 is included in your course fee.  


Specialties:  $200-$300

We offer a long list of specialty courses!  The price varies depending on the number of dives required to complete the class.  All of our specialty courses include book, certification fee, any rental  gear needed, boat trips.  One of our most popular specialty courses is the Enriched Air Diver.  We highly recommend everyone to get this certification. Diving on enriched air increases your allowed bottom time considerably!  You'll fee less fatigue and less likely to have a headache.  Please feel free to contact us about your interest in our specialties and the individual prices.  You can also keep a eye on our Facebook page for our monthly class specail.  


Specialties offered:

 Enriched Air Diver

 Deep Diver

 Wreck Diver

 U/W Photographer
 U/W Natuaralist 
Peak Bouyancy
Search and Recovery


Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)  $250     One day - Two Dives
Padi Enriched Air Course

Our most popular specialty course is the Enriche Air Diver (nitrox).  This one day course consists of your books, instruction and certification fees and two dives!!  Many programs no longer require dives as part of the class.  Why take a scuba course and not dive??? Diving with enriched air will extend your allowed bottom times...giving you more diving minutes for your dollar!  More time underwater.....all divers want that! 

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